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is the exciting answer to the question of what happens when you combine the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist of the multi-Grammy-winning group Ozomatli, and a famed actor that doubles as a music producer and DJ. Asdru Sierra and Balthazar Getty met at their kids’ school, which led to Asdru improvising vocals on Balthazar’s critically acclaimed album Solardrive. Their creative collaboration sparked a friendship. This launched Purplehaus Records. In late 2013, ABSTRAKTO was born in Balthazar’s studio where the entirety of the album was recorded. Asdru Sierra’s latin, cinematic, and alternative style of music met Balthazar’s hip hop and freestyle infuence.This famed studio, located in Hollywood, has given birth to critically acclaimed albums by revered acts such as Black Crowes, Johnny Cash, LCD Soundsystem, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Slipknot among others. This winter, Purplehaus and The Vinyl Factory will be releasing the anticipated Abstrakto Remix album on digital and vinyl.

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